Who We Are

Our team of martial arts instructors is truly exceptional, boasting over a century of combined experience in teaching and training. Throughout their careers, they have had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of students, from all walks of life and professions. This includes professional athletes looking to improve their performance, as well as individuals with disabilities seeking to gain confidence and physical strength. Our instructors are dedicated to helping each and every one of their students reach their full potential and achieve their personal goals in martial arts.

In addition to their exceptional teaching skills, our instructors are also highly accomplished competitors. They have participated in and won championships at various levels, including state, regional, national, and international competitions. Their wealth of knowledge and experience in both teaching and competing makes them uniquely qualified to help their students succeed, whether they are interested in competition or simply looking to improve their skills and fitness.

At our school, we believe in the power of martial arts to transform lives and create a sense of community. Our instructors are passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge with their students, and strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

What We Do

At North Peoria Karate Academy, we are committed to maintaining a clean, healthy, and welcoming environment for our students. We understand that the atmosphere of a training facility can have a big impact on the experience and success of its members. That’s why we place a strong emphasis on keeping our dojo clean and well-maintained, with daily mat cleaning and monthly deep cleans to ensure that our training area is always in top condition.

In addition to physical cleanliness, we also prioritize creating a supportive and inclusive community at our dojo. We believe that martial arts training should be accessible and welcoming to everyone, regardless of age, ability, or background. That’s why we have a no-judgment policy within our walls – we encourage every member to do their best and strive for personal growth, and we offer support and guidance to help them achieve their goals.

Of course, the quality of our training program is also of the utmost importance to us. All of our instructors are highly trained in various martial arts disciplines and are dedicated to helping our students succeed. However, we are also mindful of the importance of practicality and effectiveness in self-defense situations. That’s why we focus on techniques that are proven to be effective and efficient, rather than flashy or gymnastics-inspired moves that may be impressive but carry unnecessary risk. Our goal is to help our students feel confident and prepared for any self-defense situation, whether standing, up close, or on the ground.

To ensure that our training aligns with these values and goals, we follow a set of guiding principles known as the Dojo Kun. These rules help to create a structured and respectful environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential in martial arts.

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